VIP Program Information and Criteria

What is the VIP Program?

The VIP program gives members access to special product pricing and exclusive deals.

In addition to special pricing, members will be invited to one or more Members ONLY VIP parties via Zoom or Discord. These happen towards the end of the year, usually around Black Friday.

How do I become a VIP Member?

You Must Request to become a member ONLY after meeting the Program Criteria below.

What are the criteria for becoming a VIP Member?

1)  It has been at least 6 months since your first purchase from the store.

2) You have made a Minimum of $2,000 in website purchases during the past 12 months.  At least $1,000 of these purchases must be from more than 6 months ago.  (In other words, once you create an account, the waiting period is at least 6 months). Once you are a member, you just need to maintain the $2,000 annual minimum.  If you don't, your VIP access will be removed on November 1st (more on that below)

3)  If you are participating in personal/group breaks on our channel(s), you need to establish a history of demonstrating respect to others in the break room.  Trolling, spamming, or inappropriate comments will disqualify you from consideration.  

4)  You must provide your screen name for the channels that you use to view our live streams (if you participate in live breaks)

5)  Once you meet the criteria for #1-4 above, email us at and request to become a VIP member.

Are there different VIP Tiers, and what is the difference?

Yes, we currently have 3 tiers of VIP's.  (Triple, Home Run, and Grand Slam).  All VIP levels give you acces to the "VIP's ONLY" section of the website.  The only difference is the VIP parties at the end of the year.  There is a separate party for each Tier.

How are the VIP Tiers determined?

The VIP program Tiers and overall VIP eligibility are evaluated each year on November 1st.  We use the past 12 months of purchases (November 1 of the previous year, to October 31 of the current year) to determine Tier level and eligibility.  For example, 2021 VIP Tiers and eligibility will be based on purchases from 11/01/2020 - 10/31/2021 in the store.  Here are the purchase requirements for the 2021 VIP Tiers:

Triple VIP -  $2,000 in purchases

Home Run VIP -  $5,000 in purchases

Grand Slam VIP - $10,000 in purchases


PLEASE NOTE:  We reserve the right to decline or revoke an individual's VIP access/eligibility at anytime at our discretion, without explanation.