What is a Ballpark Bend Break?

Ballpark Bend Break (#BallparkBendBreak)

A Ballpark Blend Break is a draft style break that does what the title hints at, "It bends, sort of".  This type of break is typically only offered for higher end breaks with HITS ONLY.  We developed this type of break in our ongoing effort to make sure no one walks away empty handed, all while providing potentially tremendous value to each participant.  This is basically a game that has Skill involved, with a little luck......Here is a brief rundown on how it works.

  1. First and foremost, every participant "Will Definitely WANT" to be present on the live stream to participate.  Not being present will not leave you empty handed, but there is a good possibility that you would be stuck with the worst card.  Your spot would "Pass" until you cannot pass any more.  (Basically, when everyone below you has already claimed a card)
  2. The break starts with all participants being randomized on Random.org a total of 7 times.
  3. Once randomized, the final list is the draft order.  #1 at the Top going down to the last spot at the bottom. 
  4. Box/Pack #1 is then opened and ONLY the 1st card is shown to all participants.  The person with the #1 spot can decide to "Take" or "Pass" on the card.  If they "Take", it is a done deal and they get the card, no turning back, that spot is now done playing.  If they "Pass" on the card, it moves to the person with the #2 pick.  #2 can either "Take" or "Pass" as well.  If #2 says "Pass", it moves to  #3 etc..., all the way down to the rest of the list.  If a card makes it all the way through the list with everyone saying "Pass", the last person that doesn't have a card yet, they automatically "Take".  Each card only goes through the list one time.
  5. Once the first card has a "Take", the 2nd card is drawn.  The draft order always stays the same, but participants who "Take" a card can no longer participate, their selection is locked.  This same process is followed until all cards have a "Take".  Results will be added to the spreadsheet as the draft happens.  


What if I'm the #2 Pick, and the #1 person just did their "Take" in the previous round, and I haven't said "Take" yet, do I get first choice on the next card?  YES, you get first choice for every round thereafter, until you "Take" a card.  So the #6 person could potentially have the #1 pick at some point!  Can you start to see the strategy involved here?  A very low draft spot could end up with the Best card in the break if all participants above them have already said "Take".  

If I say "Take" or "Pass", can I change my mind?  No, once you make your choice, it is locked.  You may, however, trade with others before/during/after the break.  Both sides need to be in agreement and the decision needs to be finalized before moving onto the next card.  Deal making is encouraged!