2019 Bowman Chrome Hobby 12 Box Case Random Teams Break (26 Total Spots)

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Special Deal for this Break!  Buy 3 Spots and add any 5 One-Touches to your Cart for FREE!  Discount Automatically Applied once everything has been added to your Cart!
    1. This is a group break that will stream live on Breakers.TV and YouTube when it is filled.
    2. Random Team Configuration.  The 2 Lists (Team and Participants) will be randomized 7 Times each to determine who gets what team.
    3. If multiple teams are represented on a card, the card will be randomized for each participant that has a team listed.  If 1 person owns the majority (more than 50%) of the teams represented, they automatically get the card.  
    4. All Cards Ship

    26 Total Spots with 4 Combo Teams (Listed Below)

    Reds / White Sox

    Rays / Braves

    A's / Pirates

    Royals / Tigers

    Click Here to read about how group breaks work.