How does a Group Break Work?

Group Breaks can be a very exciting and cheap way to get Big Hits for the fraction of the cost of buying Boxes/Cases.  Basically, all cards from a Box(es)/Case are divided between all paying participants in the break.  Each participant receives ALL the Cards for their Team, unless requested or specified otherwise.  We typically offer 3 different types of Group Box/Case Breaks, which are Random Teams, Random Divisions, and Pick Your Team.  Each type is explained below.

Random Teams (RT)

All spots for the Break are the same cost.  Each spot you purchase, gives you 1 Random Team for the break.  Sometimes teams are combined with each other if certain teams have a lower number of Hits in the product.  For the most part though, it is 1 Random Team per spot.  If teams are combined, we will specify that on the Product Listing.  Once all spots are filled, we break the item live on our You Tube and channels.  At that time, we load all the participants and teams and randomize them using Once all participants and teams are matched up, we do the break.

Random Divisions (RD)

This is similar to the Random Teams break, but using Division Instead.  Baseball products, for example, will have 6 Random Spots, 1 for each division (NL Central, NL East, NL West, AL Central, AL East, AL West).

Pick Your Team (PYT)

This allows the customer to purchase their desired team at a specific price.  The price of each team will vary depending on the number of hits per team, and/or the overall team popularity.  This is a great way for team collectors to get all the cards for 1 team in a specific product.